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Who is Madhuri Dixit?

Madhuri Dixit has set a stage in Indian Hindi films that today's actresses consider being ideal for themselves. within the 60s and 90s, she established herself as a number one actor and well-known dancer in Hindi cinema. Such was the magic of her fantastic dance and natural acting that Madhuri became the beat of the full country. role player Madhuri Dixit includes a completely different identity in Hindi cinema. that even these days the audience is raring to envision on the large screen.


Age, Height, Birthday

Personal Information

Name Madhuri Dixit
BirthDay 15 May 1967
Age 53
Birth Place Bombay, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actress, Model
Citizenship India
Parent's Shankar And Snehlata Dixit
Year active 1984-Present
Height 1.63 m

Madhuri Dixit isn't simply associate degree histrion however conjointly the diversion opera star of Hindi cinema. He created several wonderful films in his Hindi film career, that viewers still watch with nice fervor. Madhuri has been awarded Filmfare Best histrion fourfold, Filmfare Best Supporting histrion and a Special Award for her outstanding performance in Hindi cinema. aside from these awards, he was honored with the "Padma Shri", the fourth highest civilian honor of the govt of India.

Early life :

Madhuri Dixit was born on fifteen might 1967 in a very Marathi family in the city. Father sitar player Dixit and mother Sneha Lata Dixit. Madhuri conjointly has 2 sisters Rupa Dixit and Bharti Dixit and one brother are additionally Ajit Dixit. Ladli Madhuri had needed to become a doctor since childhood and maybe it absolutely was because of the very fact that Madhuri selected her life partner Sriram Nene, United Nations agency may be a doctor by profession. when learning from Divine kid highschool, Madhuri Dixit completed her college man education at city University.


Since childhood, she was fascinated by dance, that Madhuri took eight years of coaching. Madhuri completed her early studies at Divine kid highschool. subsequently, Madhuri Dixit completed her college man education at city University. Madhuri needed to become a doctor since childhood, however, she became an associate degree histrion. maybe this is often the rationale that Madhuri selected Shriram Nene, United Nations agency may be a doctor (heart surgeon) by profession, for her wedding. With whom he conjointly has 2 kids - Ryan and Erin Nene. Madhuri state capital when wedding Lived in Colorado for regarding 10 years. Madhuri was affected back to the city in 2011 along with her family.

Madhuri Dixit started her film career within the year 1984 with Rajshri Production's film Abodh. however, this film didn't do something special. Madri had to face several failures in her early career. After this, the film 'Awara Baap', which came in 1985, couldn't do any smart at the box workplace. In 1986, two films prima Madhuri appeared, namely: 'Swati' and 'Manav Killing', each of that were flops.

In 1987, three films of Madhuri were free, they were: Mohra, Hifazat, and North-South, however, it conjointly went into the class of unsuccessful films. After this, the films 'Dayavan' and 'Khatron Ke Khiladi', which were free in 1988, were conjointly crushed. however, he got recognition in Hindi cinema from the film Tezaab. during this film, he conjointly got the primary nomination of Filmfare Award for his best performance.

The song Ek Do teenage continues to be thought of because of the picture song of Madhuri Dixit. when this thriving film, he ne'er looked back and gave succeeding hits in Hindi cinema. He worked with film actor Anil Kapoor in nearly twenty films, most of that well-tried to be a superhit.

In 1989, he had another film, within which he yet again worked with actor Anil Kapoor and therefore the film was Subhash Ghai's 'Ram Lakhan'. The film was conjointly an excellent hit and has become the second highest-grossing film of the year. After this, the film 'Prem Pratigya' with Mithun Chakraborty flopped. He then acted within the multi-starrer film 'Tridev' and conjointly created his mark among legendary stars like Naseeruddin monarch, Sunny Deol, Jackie Shroff, Sangeeta Bijlani, Sonam, and Amrish Puri.


In this, he was paired with Sunny Deol. after the success of this film, it became one of the third huge hit films of the year. After this, her performance in 'Parinda' was also appreciated. In 1993, Madhuri Dixit once appeared within the film 'Khalnayak'. He was in the middle of Jackie Shroff. Madhuri's acting talent attracted everyone's attention during this film, during which she competed with Sanjay Dutt within the grey shade.

Also, the song recorded in Saroj Khan's choreography 'Choli Ke Kya Hain' was an enormous hit. In 'Anjaam' that came once this film, we tend to have to be compelled to see a distinct type of Madhuri. In this, she gave the impression to penalize her husband's death. His dance vogue was additionally terribly spectacular during this film and '18 years previous virgin Kali 'was an enormous hit. She was nominated for the Filmfare Best histrion Award for her performance during this film.

In the year 1990, he did the Aamir Khan starrer film, Dil Ki. Like each film, his film additionally evidenced to be a brilliant hit. In this, Madhuri plays the character of an expensive and paddled woman United Nations agency falls soft on with a standard family boy and rebels against her to marry him. She won the [Filmfare Best Actress] award for her role.

Then from 2002 to 2007, Madhuri took a clear stage from films, and later in 2007, "Aaja Nachle" came back wanting a musical film. And Madhuri additionally did the films "Dedh Ishqiya" and "Gulab Gang" in 2014. within the 80s and 90s, she established herself as a number one histrion and well-known dancer in Hindi cinema. Such was the magic of her howling dance and natural acting that Madhuri became the beat of the full country.

His Devdas film created in 2002 wasn't solely common in the Republic of India however was additionally detected at the city festival on water, ringing his quality. The film went on to form a brand new record of fifty-three million. in keeping with a career routine, the film was Madhuri's final film as she was married and affected to Mile-High City to settle her family.

But she couldn't keep one's eyes off from the silver screen for long, her need brought her back to the Republic of India. He did the film Republic of India Aakar Aaja Nachle in 2007. In this, he touched his acting and dance high category, however, individuals don't apprehend why this film didn't like. however, Madhuri's work was perpetually praised.

In this method, he continues to own several films until 2002 and have become one-hit once another. In 2007, once an extended break, she worked with Anil Mehta in 'Aaja Nachle', which was Madhuri's 1st film once five years. at the moment his film 'Dedh Ishqiya' came the call in 2014 that was the sequel to 'Ishqiya'. This film was likable by the individuals. He additionally worked in 'Gulab Gang' aboard Juhi Rice.

Madhuri has additionally contributed within the field of work. In 2001, he won fifty large integer rupees in 'Kaun Banega Crorepati', which he gave to the individuals of the Gujarat earthquake. In 2011, she visited AN ashram during which she stayed with seventy-five kids. In 2012, he stayed with individuals stricken by cancer on World Cancer Day. these items show their love towards society and therefore the need to try and do one thing.

During the shooting of the film 'Thanedar', Madhuri and Sanjay were in remission soft on with one another. several producers of the time aforementioned that once Sanjay was on an outside shoot, Sanjay wont to check with Madhuri on the phone for hours, that the producer had to pay the bill. throughout the film 'Saajan', the 2 became nearer. Sanjay was married at the time and was additionally the daddy of a female offspring, although his spouse Riya left him and visited America.

After the film 'Saajan', Sanjay and Madhuri's name was on everyone's tongue. in keeping with reports revealed in many magazines at that point, each needed to call their relationship and each was getting ready to marry, however, suddenly Sanjay was in remission below the Arms Act. 2 months once this, on five Gregorian calendar month 1993, the film 'Khalnayak' was discharged that evidenced to be an enormous hit. Sanjay spent sixteen months in jail, however, Madhuri didn't head to jail to satisfy him even once. it absolutely was from here that the space between the 2 started returning. Sanjay is therefore angry That he refused to check in to the film with Madhuri. during this method, the story of each came to AN finish.

Education, place of birth, and family data

Madhuri Dixit is from a Maharashtrian Brahmin family. His father's name is Shri sitar player Dixit and his mother's name is Snehlata Dixit. She was fascinated by dance since her childhood, therefore she started learning Kathak from the age of three, and from her childhood, she received several awards for her talent and so she became a knowledgeable Kathak dancer. Madhuri has 3 siblings, she has one brother and 2 sisters. 

He received his early education from Divya Bal high school and for additional studies, he registered in Sathai faculty Vile Parle, from here he studied in BSc in biology. After this, he got AN acting education and began operating in films. this is often from a standard family, there's no film in his family, and he had a dream of changing into a doctor in his childhood.

Love life and marriage life

This Bollywood girl has separated from her career and married a doctor. When this big girl decided to get married, then her career was at a high altitude and she decided to marry Dr. Sriram Nene. This was the time when Madhuri was the most popular actress in the Bollywood world, and her decision surprised everyone. Dr. Nage Madhuri's brother Ajit Dixit who lives in America, he is a very close friend, Madhuri met Dr. Nene at the behest of his brother Ajit. And then the chain of meetings increased and both of them started meeting each other again and again. 

After this, within three months, Madhuri decided to get married. This time was Madhuri's time when she was at the height of her career, in an interview when Madhuri was asked why she decided to get married at this time, she said "I am in love" and this The couple married on 17 October 1999. When Madhuri married Dr. Nene, she was working on many projects, she returned from her honeymoon 10 days after her marriage and did her work, in which her husband Dr. Sriram also supported her. They established a happy professional life and emerged as a perfect couple. Whenever he came in front of the media, he attracted everyone, he has 2 sons Ryan and Arin Nene who are 13 and 15 years old.

Madhuri's husband "Shri Ram Nene" is a doctor. He holds MD and FACS degrees, Dr. Nene is a cardiovascular surgeon. He completed his education at the University of California in Los Angeles. He was born on 11 February 1966 in London, his age is 52 years.

Madhuri's Boy Friends

Sanjay Dutt - Madhuri and Sanjay Dutt worked together in the film Dayawan and Khalnayak and both of these films were highly successful, after which talk of their affair began to appear. Madhuri's father was very upset with this relationship of Madhuri and Sanjay, as Sanjay was already married to Richa Sharma. But when Sanjay Dutt was arrested on charges of possessing illegal weapons, their relationship ended in some time.

Anil Kapoor - Soon after the breakup with Sanjay, Madhuri's name was added to Anil Kapoor, and that is why Madhuri and Sanjay's relationship ended. They did many films together and their pair was also well-liked.


Madhuri gave many successful films in her career, her work in the Hindi film world is credible. The information about Madhuri's career is as follows.

Madhuri Dixit's first film

Madhuri Dixit started her film career with the film Abodh. This film did not show anything special in the film world, it was a film produced by Raj Shree and the film was done by Madhuri with a Bengali artist Tapas Pal. In this film, Madhuri plays the character of a young bride, who is an idiot and a simple village girl who does not even know the meaning of marriage. Madhuri's acting in this film was highly appreciated.

Madhuri's first successful film

In 1986, Madhuri starred in Swathi and Manav Killing and the film failed to do anything special, followed by filming one after the other with Anil Kapoor in the lead role in the film "Tezaab". And the film proved to be the highest-grossing film of the year, with Madhuri playing the role of "Mohini" and one of Madhuri's songs "Ek Do Teen" proved to be her favorite song to date. For this film, Madhuri has nominated the title of Best Actress of the Filmfare.

Madhuri's dance Kosala creates a different image of her. After the film Tezaab, the next film with Anil Kapoor in 1989, Ram Lakhan, was also a super hit and proved to be the second highest-grossing film of the year. For this film, Madhuri was awarded the Best Actress Award by the Film Fair.

He worked with many stars in his film career such as Shahrukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Jackie Shroff, Anil Kapoor, etc. Madhuri had touched the heights of success at a very young age by her art and acting. This film is one of the most favorite actresses in the world.

Famous painter "MF Hussain" described the beauty of Madhuri as inspiration and made many paintings of her. Hussain produced a film called "Gajgamini" honoring Madhuri from this film, and gave Madhuri the name "Dhak Dhak Girl".

Ram Gopal Varma did a film Dedicated and made a film on Madhuri titled "I want to be Madhuri Dixit".

He took a break from the film world from 2002 to 2007 and then entered the world of films in 2007 with one of his musical films, Aaja Nachle. After this, he worked in the films "Dead Ishqiya" and "Gulab Gang" etc.

Some things about Madhuri

He started taking knowledge of dance art from the age of just three years. And now he has started his own dance institute too.

In 1984, he worked in a TV serial, but he could not get any special recognition from this serial.

Madhuri was a successful model before making a mark in the film world, it took her 8 years to make her mark in the film world.

Madhuri's song "Ek Do Teen" is one of the most popular songs to date, in which Madhuri's dance skills gave a new life.

In Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Madhuri and Salman worked together, this film was also very successful, it is believed that Madhuri's career was going well at that time and Madhuri was given more fees than Salman for this film.

Madhuri loves the Indian cricketer "Sunil Gavaskar", during an interview with India Today in 1995, Madhuri told that she is Sunil Gavaskar's fan, she is very attractive, and she also comes into my dream.

Famous painter MF Hussain described Madhuri as the most beautiful woman on earth and produced the film "Gajagamini" in her honor in 2000.

Madhuri danced in a song from Devdas film "Kahe Chhed Chhed Mohe" wearing a ghagra weighing 30 kg.

She is the first AC actress from Bollywood, who has been selected 13 times for the Filmfare Best Actress Award.

Madhuri is a passionate dancer and she still practices Kathak three times a week. Apart from this, he has also learned taekwondo.

If Madhuri was not an actress, she would have made her career in microbiology or pathologist, she had said in an interview that she wanted to become a doctor in childhood.

He won the prize money by appearing in an episode in Kaun Banega Karodapati and donated this amount to the Gujarat Bad Victims.

Some controversy related to Madhuri

In the promotion of Megi - Madhuri promoted it by becoming a brand ambassador of noodles of a Nestle company, while Maggi is harmful to health. He was arrested for this crime and an FIR was also registered and he was asked to confirm it in 15 days. Then later Madhuri confirmed that she loves Maggi a lot and Nestle's products are considered good in quality.

For more fees - Madhuri was offered to become the brand ambassador of Maharashtra, when Madhuri offered her fees of Rs 9-10 crore, Madhuri was critiqued for the demand for such a high fee.

Kissing Sin - Madhuri did the film Dayawan and was also very successful. In this film, Madhuri was accompanied by Vinod Khanna, Madhuri was 21 and Vinod Khanna was 51 years old. Madhuri did not want to work with a co-actor 20 years older than her, but Madhuri did this film due to lack of films at that time. In this film, a bold kissing scene of Madhuri and Vinod Khanna became the subject of controversy.