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Elon Musk Biography

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is a successful businessman, an inventor, engineer, inventor, designer, and also philanthropist. And also, they can be called business magnets. There have been many such ups and downs in his life but he ignored all these things and focused on business and today stands before us as a successful personality. He is the founder, CEO, and designer of SpaceX. Tesla CEO and is covalent. Is the CEO and founder of Neuralink. Besides Boring, founder of The Boring and co-founder of Solar City, Jeep 2 is the founder of X.COM.


Elon Musk Age, Height, Birthday, wife

Personal Information

Name Elon Musk
BirthDay 28 June 1971
Age 49
Birth Place Pretoria, South Africa
Nationality South Africa
Occupation Business
Citizenship South Africa(1971), Canada(1971), United States(2002)
Parent's Grimes
Height 1.88 m
net Worth $177 billion (2021)
Wife Talulah Riley, Justin Musk

Elon Musk's childhood and teaching

Elon Musk was given a computer by his father when he was 10 years old. He bought computer books and read the books himself and made a game by programming a computer at the age of 12. And the game was named Blast and sold the game to a company for $ 500, we know from this that he was very much a hosier since childhood.

When he used to go to school, the boys did not treat him well and beat him up. One such time, the boys of his school hit him and dropped him down the ladder, due to which he also fainted and was admitted to the hospital. And due to this incident, even today, Elon still has trouble breathing.

Elon Musk wanted to go to America at the age of 17, but he could not go for any reason. But after a few days, he moved to his mother's relative's house in Canada in 1989 and Elon also got citizenship there.

Elon completed his school and high school life in South Africa with his father. And later he moved to Canada intending to get US citizenship and completed his remaining studies in Canada and also got Canadian citizenship. He obtained a Bachelor of Physics from the University of Pennsylvania, Canada. And took an Economics degree from the Wharton School of Business.

And then in 1995 he went to America to do a Ph.D. in Physics and took admission to Stanford University there. When Elon came to America, he came to know about the Internet and he withdrew his admission after 2 days from his Ph.D. and focused all his attention on the Internet.

About Tesla Car

Tesla, the world's largest electric vehicle company, has officially entered India. The company has opened its first office in Bangalore and is fully registered. The company will soon launch its new car in India.

New Delhi: Veteran businessman Alan Musk will start his business in India. Alan Musk's electric car maker Tesla has entered India. Tesla company is making luxury electric cars. Tesla has officially registered its office in Bangalore. This company has opened its first office at Richmond Circle Junction in front of the Bangalore Club.

According to reports, Tesla has been welcomed by Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari will lead India from Karnataka Green Mobility. He said that electric vehicle maker Tesla will soon launch a research and development plant in Bangalore, India Will start its work with the development unit. I welcome Alan Musk to India. According to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt Ltd has been registered on January 8.

Taneja is CFO at Tesla. Festing is Global Senior Director, Trade Market Access at Tesla. Tesla is set to begin operations this year. The company will start a business from Bangalore, India and its registration number is 142975.

Tesla has talked with India for the past few days. Tesla CEO Alan Musk had a tweet in October. Tesla said that the company would enter the Indian market in (2021). Union Minister Nitin Gadkari had said that the company will start its manufacturing in India next year (2022). India will also emerge as the world's largest electricity producer in the next five years.

Elon Musk explained the benefits of having a job in Texas

Elon Musk also shared the benefits of working in the new Giga Texas via his tweet. The workplace is 15 minutes from the airport, he said. Which is located on the banks of the Colorado River, five minutes from the city. Apart from this, Elon Musk did not give any details.

On Tuesday, Elon Musk urged people to join his aerospace company SpaceX, which is based in South Texas. It also appeals to encourage your friends to do the same.

"The company has been in contact with Austin Community College, the University of Houston-Tillotson, the University of Texas, and the Del Valle Independent School," said Chris Raleigh, the company's recruiting manager. He added that the company is looking to recruit students who are looking to continue their education and start their careers at Tesla.

The company has also made it clear that those who come from outside manufacturing are passionate and want to make a difference. This is a great opportunity for them. Tesla wants to hire talented people from around the world.

Early Life and Family

Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on 28-June-1971. Elon's father was also a pilot with an electrical engineer, his father's name was Errol Musk, and Mataji's name was Maye Musk. He also had younger siblings, which brother's name was Kimble Musk and the sister's name was Tosca Musk.

In 1980, Elon's mother and father divorced, and after that Elon accepted to live with his father, and his sister and younger brother started living with his mother. Elon was shy since childhood and did not talk more than anyone. That is why he used to spend all his time in his studies, at the age of 12, he had read so many books as a book that a human being would have studied even after completing his graduation. I used to enjoy it so much that even if he gave him many voices, he would never take care of him, that is why his father took him to the doctor too, but the doctor later told me that he was fine.