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Cristiano Ronaldo Biography

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo biography, world's best football player Cristiano Ronaldo Not many people know this, but everyone who loves football will know it almost all of you will be surprised to know that playing Cristiano Ronaldo itself is more than 700 crores annually Earn more, but let me tell you, Cristiano Ronaldo's childhood was spent under the roof of a dripping teen. Today we will talk about those aspects of Cristiano Ronaldo's life that you are hardly aware of.


Cristiano Ronaldo Age, Height, Net Worth, Birthday

Personal Information

Name Cristiano Ronaldo
BirthDay 5 February 1985
Age 36
Birth Place Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Nationality Portugal
Occupation Footballer
Citizenship Portugal
Parent's Gurunath Sharma and Purnima Sharma
Height 1.87 m
net Worth $500 million (2020)

Cristiano Ronaldo Early Life and Family

He was born on February 5, 1985, in the city region of Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Ronaldo's father was an American actor and then later president. Renamed Cristiano Ronaldo is a citizen of Portugal Ronaldo is also the captain of Portugal's national football team. Today Cristiano Ronaldo's earnings are so much that he lives in a bungalow of Arabs, but you must be surprised to know that Cristiano Ronaldo's life is not like this forever was.

Ronaldo lived with the entire family in a tin-roofed house during his childhood, Ronaldo's family included two parents and a sister, besides him, a simple family-born Ronaldo's father was a municipal corporation in Portugal. He used to do the work of pruning and watering the plants in the park, 

Football passion

Cristiano Ronaldo started playing football from an early age, he was very fond of playing football since childhood, Ronaldo was selected to the Andorina Sports Club at the age of 8 only after seeing Ronaldo's attachment to the sport. Ronaldo played football whenever he was a child when he lost or did not score well. 

He used to start crying right there. Ronaldo looked more on the football field than in school, Ronaldo had a heart in football that at the age of 10, he was selected in Portugal's biggest sports club, Ronaldo in a sports club for 2 years. Played the finest football to see the best game of Ronaldo After that the sports club's top officials signed Ronaldo for 15 pounds, the club was in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon and that is why Ronaldo had to leave his home and stay in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal when Ronaldo was 15 years old. The parents find out that Ronaldo has a heart problem when Ronaldo After being taken to the doctor, it was revealed that Ronaldo had a big heart problem, which is why the doctor refused Ronaldo to run more and play football. Will have to be closed.

Ronaldo's career in football

Cristiano Ronaldo, who spent 8 to 10 hours on the football field, did not approve of football, so he opted for the second option and underwent surgery for his heart from the doctor. There was also a risk of dying in this surgery, after recovering from surgery Ronaldo was ready to play football again, in the meantime, Cristiano Ronaldo's life was very sad when his father died due to drinking too much alcohol.

The incident shook Ronaldo because Ronaldo was the closest to his father, his father was the only earner at home, after which Cristiano Ronaldo's financial situation deteriorated, which is why Ronaldo's mother was forced to go to others' home. Ronaldo continued his football game while struggling with such troubles.

Cristiano Ronaldo went on to be considered a good player due to his hard work, Cristiano Ronaldo played his first club match at the age of 17, Cristiano Ronaldo benefited greatly from this game.

Ronaldo enters Manchester United football

In 2003 and at the age of 18, English football club Manchester United signed for the US $ 17 million, with Cristiano Ronaldo becoming the most expensive teenage player in the world, although in Manchester United he demanded jersey number 28 he was given jersey Got number 7 which is still his jersey number.

After joining Manchester United, Ronaldo started with a win in the Eff Cup and then won the team for three consecutive Premier League titles, a Champions League title, and a FIFA Cup World Cup.

In 2009, Real Madrid added Ronaldo to Manchester United for $ 132 million, making it the most expensive association football transfer for any player since Real Madrid's contract was from 2009 to 2015 and in the meantime, Ronaldo's game levels and his fame increased!

While in real Madrid, Ronaldo won 15 trophies, including two LaLiga titles and two championship titles, then in 2018, Ronaldo was signed by Italy's football club Zubenders for 100 million pounds in football history for players above 30 The most expensive contract ever made was Cristiano Ronaldo's entire life. He has received many titles and awards so far. In 2015, he was awarded the title of Best Porchudice of Football Player by the Porchudis Football Federation.

Ronaldo was also the world's highest-paid athlete in 2016 and 2017. He is also on the list of Time magazine's 100 most influential people list. Ronaldo is the only football player to have won 5 Champions League titles but after earning so much money and name you to know this Surprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo not only spends his football earnings on himself, he also spends his money on social welfare.

Cristiano Ronaldo gets the award

• Bravo Award in 2004

• PFA Player 'Player of the Year in 2006-07

• 2007 Premier League Golden Boot

• Ballon D, R Award in 2008

• FIFA World Player of the Year in 2009

• European Golden Shoes in 2008 - 11

• Premier League Player of the Month in 2006-08

• UEFA Team of the Year 2010 - 2011 - 2012

• IFFHS World's Best Top Division Goal Scorer in 2013

• UEFA Champions League Forward of the Year in 2017

Ronaldo Hat - Tricks

• 8 hat tricks in UEFA Champions League

• 36 hat tricks in the Domestic league

• 2 Hat Tricks in Domestic cup

• 1 hat trick in FIFA Club World Cup

• International 9 Hat Tricks

Total 56 Hat Tricks

It is said that Cristiano Ronaldo runs an orphanage on his own in which more than 600 children take care of themselves. In November 2012, Ronaldo had his Golden Boot Auction and Ronaldo earned Rs. 13 crores from this auction. Donated to build a school.

This man is one of the most expensive players in the world as well as some of the richest people in the world. Today, Cristiano Ronaldo's success has reached the point where every player's dream is to reach.

Someone has rightly said that when your signature is changed in autograph, then you will understand on that day that you have reached the stage of success, you can reach the pinnacle of success by working hard and hard in whatever field you are in. This is what we learn from Ronaldo's life.