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Biography of Virat Kohli

1.About Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli was born on 5 November 1988 in Delhi to a Punjabi family. Her father Prem Kohli is a criminal lawyer and her mother Saroj Kohli is a housewife. He also has an elder brother Vikash and an elder sister Bhavna. According to his family, when Kohli was 3 years old, he took a cricket bat hat and told his father to bowl.

Kohli grew up in Uttam Nagar and studied at Vishal Bharti Public School. In 1998, West Delhi Cricket Academy was formed and Kohli joined it only at the age of 9 years. Kohli's father joined Kohli only when his neighbor told him, "Virat should not waste time in Galli cricket but he should learn cricket professionally in an academy." Hato Kohli of Rajivkumar Sharma trained and also played matches at Sumit Dogra Academy. 9th In the classroom, he was put in the Sevier Convent to help him in cricket training. Along with Khelo, Kohli was also good at studies, his teacher calls him, "a promising and intelligent child."


Age, Height

Personal Information

Name Virat Kholi
BirthDay 5 November 1986
Birth Place New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Cricketer
Age 32
Citizenship India
Parent's Prem Kholi and Saroj Kholi
Role Batsman
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Wife Anushka Sharma

He was made a member of the Under 17 Delhi Cricket Team by the end of 2004 when he was to play for the Vijay Merchant Trophy. In this four-match series, he had scored more than 450 runs and he scored 251 runs unbeaten in one match. He made headlines in next year's Vijay Merchant Trophy. This time, he had the record of scoring the most runs by scoring 757 runs in 7 matches. In this tournament, Virat Kohli, Virat had scored at an average of 84.11, including 2 centuries.

In July 2006, Virat Kohli Virat Kohli was selected in India's Under-19 Cricket Players and his first overseas tour was England. In this England tour, he scored 105 runs in three ODIs. In the same tour, he scored runs in three Tests at an average of 49 runs. India returned that year after winning both the series. Later this year, Virat had a great performance against Pakistan in Under-19 Cricket. After this, Virat was retained as a permanent player in Under-19 Cricket due to his talent.

On 18 December 2006, his father died after resting for a long time due to a brain stroke. Recalling his early life, Kohli recounts in an interview that, "I saw a lot in my life." I lost my father in my younger days, due to which the family business was also shaken, due to which I had to stay in the rental room as well.

He is a middle-order batsman and is also a right-handed medium-pace bowler. He represents Delhi in first-class cricket and is the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League. He has also played for the West Delhi Cricket Academy. He holds the record for the fastest century by an Indian batsman. Kohli made his One Day International (ODI) debut in 2008 and was part of the 2011 World Cup-winning Indian team. Despite being a regular in the ODI team, Kohli played his first Test in 2011 against the West Indies at Kingston. Kohli was the recipient of the ICC ODI Player in 2012. In November 2013, he topped the ODI batsman for the first time.



He was born in Delhi on November 5, 1998. The family he was born in is a Punjabi family, his father's name is Prem Kohli, he is a criminal advocate. His mother's name is Saroj Kohli, it is a very simple and straightforward duodenum. He has a brother and a sister older than him. And recently, they are also tied in marriage. Apart from this, three in their house Children are the son of an elder brother and two children of his elder sister including a son and a daughter. His father used to play cricket with him since childhood when he was only three years old, he loved bat most of his time. This choice was turning into a hobby with aging, his father understood this. And for this wish of his son, he used to take him for daily practice. His father did not live in this world in 2000, but he still remembers his father's learning a lot.


2.1.Education and Personal Information of Virat Kolhi

He got his initial education from Vishal Bharti Public School, Delhi. His special focus was on cricket, due to which his father got him admitted to the cricket club at the age of only eight-nine years so that he could learn cricket properly. The school where their primary education was going on, there was a focus on education only and only, sports training was not given. Then his father gave his Thinking of changing the school and getting admission in such a school where both education and sports are taken care of and they were admitted from class Navi to Savior Convent Senior Secondary School, Paschim Vihar, Delhi. Due to his interest in sports, he studied only up to twelfth and worked hard on cricket. He taught cricket from Raj Kumar Sharma at the Delhi Cricket Academy and played the first match at the academy named Sumit Dongra.

Match Played by Virat Kholi

Career Statistics

Competition Test ODI T20I
Matches 91 253 90
Runs Scored 7490 12162 3159
Batting Average 52.38 59.32 52.65
27/25 43/61 0/28
Top Score 254* 183 94*
Balls Blowed 163 641 146
Wicket 0 4 4
Bowling Average -- 166.25 49.50
5 Wicket in Match - 0 0
Best Bowling - 1/15 1/13
Catches/Stumping 88/- 131/- 42/-

2.2.Virat Kohli Family

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are going to be parents soon. In January 2021, a small guest is about to come to his house. Anushka and Virat have given this information to everyone through social media. Virat is currently playing in the IPL 2020 Dubai, he is the captain of the Royal Challenge Bangalore team, which is involved in winning the team along with the whole Josh Hosh.


3.Career debut

Kohli made headlines when he was playing for Delhi in the Ranji Trophy match against Karnataka on the day of his father's death. Kohli was the captain of the winning Indian team in the 2007 U / 19 Cricket World Cup held in Malaysia. Batting at number 4, he scored 235 runs in 6 matches at an average of 4, including a century against the West Indies. Is included. He was praised for making several tactical bowling changes during the tournament. They take every match seriously. Kohli was instrumental in India's victory in the 2009 Emerging Players Tournament in Australia. In the final against South Africa, Kohli had scored a century and India won by 14 runs.

Virat has proved to be the biggest player in the cricket world. It is a middle-order sonsman, which allows him to do easy betting, as well as bowlers of right arms. In 2000, he played under fifty. After this, under the Seventeen in 2002 He was selected, in day-to-day changes in his manner of playing, he played for first-class debate in two thousand six and in two thousand eight, he was selected for under nineteen. Their first Under Nineteen World Cup match took place in Malaysia and India won in this match.


International Information

National Side India (2008-Present)
Test debut (cap 268) 20 June 2011 v West Indies
Last Test 4 August 2021 v England
ODI debut (175) 18 August 2008 v Sir Lanka
Last ODI 26 March 2021 vEngland
T20I debut (cap 31) 12 june 2010 v Zimbabwe
Last T20I 20 March 2021 v England

From here his career A different mode was taken. After this, he was selected for One Day International after seeing his performance. He played this match against Sri Lanka at the age of nineteen only. It was a matter of great pride for him that soon after his selection was made in the match and in 2011, the world Got a chance to play the cup and India won in that too.

With this, in 2011, he started playing Test matches and gave his best performance in Test matches. In 2000, he proved himself by scoring a century in ODIs. After that in playing Twenty-Twenty matches, He was consistently successful and won the title of man of the match twice in two thousand fourteen and sixteen. With this, he registered India's victory by playing the same stuff from the year fourteen to seventeen, after such a great performance, he started to be counted among the best batsmen.


3.1.One Day career

Information related to their ODI match is as follows:

After making a place in the test match in 2011, he started betting in sixth place in ODIs and lost two consecutive matches but in the subsequent match, he scored a hundred and sixteen runs. India could not win this match but became the only Indian cricketer to score a century.

After this, they won two out of seven matches against Australia and Sri Lanka in the Commonwealth Bank Triangular Series, one match was a tie and India lost four matches. But here, in another match to qualify for the finals, that was to get a bonus by playing against Sri Lanka, there was a target of three hundred twenty-one runs, out of which one hundred and thirty-three runs made India win and man of the match. Won the title of The funny thing in this match was that a player like Lathis Malinga scored twenty-four runs in an over, but his team could not win.

Seeing his good performance, he was elected vice-captain for the Asia Cup in the year 2012 and it was said that if he keeps playing like this, then the captain of the Indian team will remain the same in the future and he will live up to this point.

In the eleventh ODI, he played against Pakistan and scored one hundred thirty-three runs in one hundred forty-eight balls, in which Bavis hit a record of three hundred and thirty runs by hitting fours and a six. This was the biggest record in the history of the Asia Cup, and he once again got the title of man of the match in this match.

3.2.Virat Kohli IPL career

He started playing IPL in 2008. Then they were bought for the team of Royal Challengers, Bangalore (RCB) for twenty lakh rupees. He had then scored one hundred sixty-five runs in thirteen matches and had an average of only fifteen.

In 2009, he made his team reach the final, then Anil Kumble appreciated his game. Even after reaching here, he was not yet named Permanent in the Indian team.

He also worked very hard in the year 2010-11, but his failures had not been identified yet.

In 2012, he felt that if he had to prove himself to be the best, then something had to be done, this was the turning point of his career, since then his game has changed more. Eventually, he did it in two thousand thirteen and played 635 runs in sixteen matches and an average of forty-five.


His performance in the IPL in 2000 was disappointing, he played only on the average of Stavis. Here MS Dhoni retired from Test captaincy, then he was handed the Test captaincy in place of Dhoni, here it changed completely. He became strong like the captain of other teams and managed the Indian team in that way, in 2000, he managed to break the record of 500 runs.

By the year 2000, he had become a seasoned player. He played very good matches for India in the Asia Cup and T20 and for RCB in the IPL, he won the title of the victory in four innings. Due to a shoulder injury in two thousand seventeen, he could not play some matches. After that, in the recent two thousand eighteen, they were bought in the IPL for eighteen crores.

3.3.A career in T20 Internationals

He broke the records one after the other in the T20, but in some matches, he also had to face adversity. Despite making 89 alone in the semi-final against West Indies, India could not win this match. But then gradually got his place in T20 Internationals and T20 World Cup and gave a very good performance.

3.4.Test match career

In 2000, MS Dhoni became the captain due to injury, he scored 115 runs in the first innings. He became the first Indian cricketer to score four consecutive centuries in Tests. The second innings had a target of three hundred and sixty-four runs, in which he scored one hundred and ninety-five, and this match was played very well on three hundred and fifteen runs. In the same way, since he gave them the captaincy of the Test match, from then till today he played very well and played his captaincy fully.

4.Affairs and Marriage of VIRAT KOHLI

Before marriage, many girls came into his life and his name was added to him, in which,

SARAH-JANE - For the first time, his name was linked with SARAH JANE. She had been Miss India and was working as an actress in Bollywood. He and Sarah had an affair for a long time. During the World Cup in 2011, she also went to see Virat's matches. But later, their relationship could not work.

Sanjana - Her name is now linked with Sanjana, who was a model. Both of them called it a mere rumor and said that we are very good friends, nothing more than that.


Tamannaah Bhatia - This is an actress, both of them worked in an advertisement since then their friendship became very deep and news of their dating also came to light, but this relationship did not last long.


Izabel Leite - This is a Brazilian model and actress, both of whom met in a business meeting. When Ijabal came to India and she was in India for more than a year for some work, during that time, her meeting increased and news of their dating came out but this affair did not go on much.

4.1.Virat Kohli’s Marriage

Anushka Sharma is a Bollywood actress. Virat and Anushka worked together for an ad company in 2000, this was their first meeting. After that they became friends and this friendship deepened, due to which the news of their dating came to light, and Anushka used to go to see her match in her very busy schedule. They truly loved each other, but there were some disputes between them, but both of them were united even after many disputes. In December 2017, Virat and Anushka got married in Italy.


5.Interesting Facts Of VIRAT KOHLI’S Life

There are many good and interesting things about his life, in which many facts of his life are connected like-

In 2006, when his father died of a serious illness, he decided to forget all and play against Karnataka in the Ranji series, which was very difficult for him. In this, he scored 90 runs for his team.

Only eight cricketers in the whole world have scored a century in 20 ODIs. It is the fastest cricketer to score a century in 20 ODIs, before him Sachin Tendulkar was named.

He became the fourth cricketer after Sachin, Sourav, and MS Dhoni to score more than one thousand runs in ODIs in three consecutive years.

He is the fastest Indian cricketer to make a record of 1000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 runs. With this, he is one of the fastest international cricketers to score 5000 runs, sharing with Richard.

The former New Zealand captain praised him saying, "Kohli is a player who is beyond Rahul Dravid's intensity, Virender Sehwag's expectations, and Sachin's limits" and will fulfill all his expectations today.

He is one of the few Indian players to have a tattoo made on his hand and he has made a very nice and clear tattoo of Golden Dragons.

He loves playing against Pakistan and Australia. On the field, he comes as an intense player and leads India.

He was very intelligent in reading, his teachers also used to say this thing. He was very interested in history and methods.

He used to watch videos of cricket highlights in his free time. He owns a restaurant in Delhi called Nueva. He is fond of non-vegetarian food.



It is not known. In the same way, when he started in his cricketing career, he did not even know when to live and speak, then many mistakes have been made from him, such as-

Fingering in the field - He showed the middle finger in the early days of the match and pointed to the people sitting on the field. It was against the main rule of cricket and it was abusive He had to compensate and he had to pay fifty percent of his match fee as a fine.

Violation of BCCI rules - His and Anushka Sharma's affair was very famous, due to which he was chatting with them during the match, which is against the rule. In this, they were left only after explaining.

Abuse of journalist - In 2015, a journalist printed a news report about his and Anushka Sharma's affair, which did not like them. And he gave a very bad temper to that journalist, for which he later had to apologize to him.

Apart from this, there were many controversies, Smith and Kohli controversy, dispute with Gautam Gambhir, and apart from this, there have been many small controversies in their career so far.

Learn from the life of Virat Kohli - After his father's death, he and his brother had no job. Today, after struggling a lot, he has reached this stage for himself, whose credit he gives to his father only. Virat still feels his lack, but he never stopped and continued to grow.