Sharad Pawar biography, Age, Family, Political Career, Work, Birth, And more


Sharad Pawar

Birth: 12 December 1940, Pune, Maharashtra

For his work: Politician, Founder and President of Nationalist Congress Party, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Who is Sharad Pawar?

Sharad Govindrao Pawar is a senior Indian politician who is also the founder and president of the Nationalist Congress Party. He has been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra State at three different times. Sharad Pawar, who made his mark as an influential leader, was also the Minister of Defense and Agriculture in the Central Government. Huh. He was earlier in the Congress Party, but in 1999 he founded his political party 'Nationalist Congress Party. He is currently a Member of Parliament from the Rajya Sabha and is leading his party there. He has a close grip on national politics and regional politics in Maharashtra.


Personal Information

Name Sharad Pawar
BirthDay 12 December 1940
Birth Place Baramati, Bombay, Maharashtra, British India
Sons 1
Nationality Indian
Occupation Nationalist Congress Party
Age 80
Role Politician

Along with politics, he is also associated with cricket administration. He was also the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India from 2005 to 2008 and the President
of the International Cricket Council from 2010 to 2012. From 2001 to 2010, he was the President of the Mumbai Cricket Association and in June 2015 he was once again elected the President of the Mumbai Cricket Association.

Early life, Age, Family

Sharad Govindrao Pawar was born on 12 December 1940 in Pune, Maharashtra. His father Govindrao Pawar was working in the Farmers Cooperative Association of Baramati and his mother Sharadabai Pawar looked after the family farm in Katewadi (10 km from Baramati). Sharad Pawar studied at the University of Pune-affiliated Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC). 

Political life

Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Yashwant Rao Chauhan is considered Sharad Pawar's political guru. In 1967, Sharad Pawar reached Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for the first time by choosing from the Baramati Vidhan Sabha constituency on a Congress Party ticket. In 1978, Pawar left the Congress party and formed a coalition government in Maharashtra in collaboration with the Janata Party and became the Chief Minister of the state for the first time. 


Power in 1980 After his return to India, the Indira Gandhi government sacked the Maharashtra government. In the 1980 election, the Congress party got an absolute majority and A.R. The Congress Party government was formed under the leadership of Antulay. In 1983, Pawar became the President of the Indian National Congress (Socialist) and won the Lok Sabha elections from Baramati parliamentary constituency for the first time in his life. 

He also won the Legislative Assembly elections held in 1985. Earned and resigned from Lok Sabha seat to concentrate on state politics. In the Legislative Assembly elections, the Indian National Congress (Socialist) got 54 seats out of 288 and Sharad Pawar was elected the Leader of the Opposition.

In 1987, Sharad Pawar returned to the Congress Party. In June 1988, the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi made the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shankarrao Chauhan the Union Finance Minister, after which Sharad Pawar was made the Chief Minister of the state. In the 1989 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress won 28 of the total 48 seats in Maharashtra. 

Political Life Journey

Parvati the Shiv Sena in the 1990 assembly elections and The Bharatiya Janata Party alliance gave a tough fight to the Congress and the Congress party won 141 out of a total of 288 seats but lost by a majority. Sharad Pawar formed the government with the support of 12 independent MLAs and became the Chief Minister. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated during the 1991 Lok Sabha election campaign, after which Narasimha Rao and N.N. as the next Prime Ministers. Along with D. 


Tiwari, Sharad Pawar's name also started appearing. But the Congress Parliamentary Party chose Narasimha Rao as Prime Minister and Sharad Pawar's defense Was made a minister. Pawar once again became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra in March 1993, after the then Chief Minister Sudhakarrao Naik stepped down. He became the Chief Minister on 6 March 1993, but a few days later, the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, exploded on March 12 with bomb blasts and killed hundreds of people.

After 1993, Sharad Pawar was accused of corruption and association with criminals. The appropriate GR of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation Khairnar accused him of corruption and saving criminals. Social activist Anna Hazare also sacked corrupt officials of Maharashtra Forest Department Demanded and unsuited. The opposition also targeted Pawar over these issues. Pawar's political credentials also fell from all these things.

In the 1995 Legislative Assembly elections, Shiv-Sena B.J.P. The alliance won a total of 138 seats while the Congress party could win only 80 seats. Sharad Pawar had to resign and Manohar Joshi became the new Chief Minister of the state. Sharad Pawar was the leader of Bipaksha in the State Legislative Assembly till the 1996 Lok Sabha elections and resigned from the Legislative Assembly after winning the Lok Sabha elections. In the midterm elections of 1998, under the leadership of Sharad Pawar, the Congress Party and its allies captured 37 of the 48 seats in Maharashtra. Sharad Pawar was elected the Leader of the Opposition in the 12th Lok Sabha.

In 1999, when the 12th Lok Sabha was dissolved and elections were announced, Sharad Pawar, Tariq Anwar, and PA Sangma raised a voice in the Congress that the prime ministerial candidate of the Congress Party should be born in India and not someone else. in-country. 

All three separated from Congress in June 1999 And founded the 'Nationalist Congress Party. When neither party got a clear majority in the 1999 assembly elections, the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party formed a government together. Sharad Pawar UPA after 2004 Lok Sabha election. He joined the coalition government and was made the Minister of Agriculture. In 2012, he announced not to contest the 2014 elections so that young faces could get a chance.

Sharad Pawar's career

In the year 1956, Sharad Pawar started his political life by participating in the movement for the independence of Goa. Under the guidance and supervision of Yashwantrao, Sharad Pawar won the assembly elections from the Baramati constituency in 1967 for the first time on a Congress ticket. In the year 1978, when the opposition of Indira Gandhi was in full swing due to the Emergency, then the Congress After resigning, Sharad Pawar, along with the opposition Janata Party, formed a separate party called the Progressive Democratic Front. 


But when Indira Gandhi returned to power in the year 1980, Sharad Pawar's party was rejected in February 1980. In the upcoming elections, Congress candidate A.K. Antulay won the post of Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Pawar in 1981 He took over the Congress Presidency. Sharad Pawar became a member of the Lok Sabha after winning from the Baramati constituency in 1984. The following year, Sharad Pawar resigned from the Lok Sabha post after winning the Rajya Sabha elections from the same constituency.

He became the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly. Sharad Pawar was the leader of the opposition till the 1996 Lok Sabha elections. Becoming a member of the Lok Sabha in the 1996 general elections After Sharad Pawar did not return to state politics.

Sharad Pawar brought the Congress party to a strong position in Maharashtra in the 1998 midterm elections. In 1999, Sharad Pawar, along with the present Chief Minister of Meghalaya, founded the Nationalist Congress Party. In these elections no party got an absolute majority, as a result, Sharad Pawar's government in Maharashtra Had to ally with Congress to form. After which Vilasrao Deshmukh was made the Chief Minister and Chhagan Bhujbal was made the Deputy Chief Minister.

After winning the Lok Sabha elections in the year 2004, Pawar took the post of Agriculture Minister in the Manmohan government. On 29 November 2005, Sharad Pawar was also appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Cricket in India. Sharad Pawar in 2009 under the Manmohan government Along with Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, he was made Union Minister for Food and Public Distribution. In 2010, Sharad Pawar was also elected President of the International Cricket Council after England's David Morgan.


Sports administration

Sharad Pawar is interested in sports like kabaddi, kho-kho, wrestling, football, and cricket and has also been associated with his administration. He has been the head of all the organizations given below.

Mumbai Cricket Association

Maharashtra Wrestling Association

Maharashtra Kabaddi Association

Maharashtra Kho-Kho Association

Maharashtra Olympics Association

Indian Cricket Control Board

Vice President of International Cricket Council

President of International Cricket Council

In disputes

From time to time in Sharad Pawar's political life, his name cropped up in various controversies. He was accused of being involved in cases like corruption, rescuing criminals, stamp paper scams, land allocation disputes.

Private life

Sharad Pawar is married to Pratibha Shinde. Pawar is a daughter of the couple who is an MP from the Baramati parliamentary constituency. Sharad Pawar's nephew Ajit Pawar also holds a prominent position in the politics of Maharashtra and has previously been the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra State. Sharad's younger brother Pratap Pawar runs the Marathi daily 'Sakal'.

The condition of a child was laid in front of the wife

Sharad Pawar had told in an interview that before marriage, he had made a condition to produce a single child in front of his wife Pratibha Pawar.

- They had said, we will have only one child, whether it is a boy or a girl. After this, Supriya was born on 30 June 1969 in Pune.

44 years ago this decision was very difficult to take, but they did it.

Born in a family of such open thinking, Supriya got the freedom to make her own decisions from childhood.

- No pressure was ever created from family, whether it is education or marriage.

Such is Pawar's political journey

- Sharad Pawar was born on 12 December 1940. Pawar started his political journey with Congress in 1967.

He won the Lok Sabha elections for the first time from Baramati in 1984. He split from Congress on May 20, 1999, and formed NCP on May 25, 1999.

- NCP was formed by Sharad Pawar, Tariq Anwar, and PA Sangma. All three were in Congress earlier.

- He holds the record of becoming the youngest Chief Minister of Maharashtra. In 1993, he took the oath of office for the fourth time.

In his political career, he has also been a Union Minister in the UPA Government.

Apart from this, he has also been the Chairman of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Pawar was the Chairman of BCCI from 2005 to 2008 and became the President of ICC in 2010.

Pawar is the President of the Nationalist Congress Party. Has handed over his political legacy to daughter Supriya Sule.

- Supriya is MP from Baramati, her father's seat for the past 2 times, in 2009 and 2014, along with being one of the top leaders of NCP.